In the afternoon we drove up to Napa for a 2006 Cabernet Release event at Nickel & Nickel Winery. It was a pretty swanky affair with the red carpet rolled out into the depths of their cellar. There were 11 different wines for the tasting, and i think i skipped one, but had a double helping of two others, and helped myself to plenty of the snacks of cheese, bread, and duck with  bing cherry gelee. Tasty ass stuff, and joy even snuck some out in her purse


For dinner we went to the God of cooking (Thomas Keller) poor man’s restaurant Ad Hoc in Yountville. For $50 a person, we got served a delicious four course meal that included a salad with peaches, lamb with potatoes, roncal cheese, and a delicious brown butter cake with ice cream. Jesse got a bit annoyed at the ghettoness of the sister and I as we picked up the bones and sucked the meat off, and sopped up the juices with the bread.

After we got back from Napa we took a break, and then headed to COCO500 down the street from the sister’s apartment for some drinks and snacks. Earlier in the month when Jonathan went to SF he mentioned that i should have the fried green beans, so thats what we had. Also I got to try out a classic whiskey sour made with egg whites, nothing spectacular, but none the less good.

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