I think both Joy and I knew one thing about moving back to Cerritos was that it meant a Disneyland Annual Passport. So this last trip to Costco we took the plunge and purchased two passes to redeem at disneyland. When you add it all up, its just a no brainer.

Normally the Deluxe Annual Passport  costs $280 each. If you buy it from Costco it only costs $260, plus you get a $50 gift card each. We used $59 worth of gift cards to add parking, and when its my birthday i can get a $72.00 birthday fun card since i’ll be able to get into the park for free already.

Its like getting a deluxe pass for only $138 once you use all $122 in gift cards. If only we would have gotten it before Joy’s birthday we could’ve gotten two $72.00 birthday fun card.

So i’ll be keeping track of all the times that we go using the pass from all day excursions to one hour trips on a random night for the entire year.

Day 1

The first day i wasn’t too sure if we actually make it in to Disneyland because they were redirecting traffic away from the 6th largest parking structure in the world, and i thought we would have to come back another day. Some how though, the downtown disney parking lot wasn’t filled so we parked it and planned on a three hour day.

The first half hour was spent walking to the ticket booth and waiting in line just to redeem our passes. Once inside the park we zigzagged ourway through a parade crowd to the Annual Pass photo redemption, and again waited for a good 3o minutes to get our actual passes.

Finally after getting our physical passes we roamed the park, and ended up hanging out at innoventions playing with the Microsoft Surface Touch Table where you basically have a huge touch screen computer as your coffee table. We also enjoyed playing in the completely digitally controlled home demos, turning on and off the lights, fireplace, volume control and anything else you can image to be controlled by a single control panel.

We finished the day by going to California Adventures, basically just because we could, and rode on the Monster’s Inc. ride, where in line these kids standing behind us were constantly climbing on all the railings and chains, and bumping into us. Joy even said that if one of those kids hurts themselves she’s going to laugh, and wouldn’t you know it, almost to the front of the line i see them all heading out the other way with one of the kids holding his mouth whimpering. We laughed a little.

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