The dad turned 65 on Thursday, but according to his driver’s license he doesn’t turn until October. Joy and I convinced my parents to take advantage of the Disney deal thing also, so i think next month they’re going to get a annual pass from costco as well. Originally i thought that we were going out for a buffet dinner, but i found out that all his friends took him out for lunch. Instead we headed out to Wood Ranch Grill in Cerritos.

Day 2

After dinner Joy and I went to Disneyland to walk off some of the food. We took advantage of the fireworks to hop in line for the finding nemo ride. Unfortunately we left the park at 10pm, which in the disney world is the perfect storm of traffic. It literally took us an hour from getting out of the park, waiting for our term for the tram, and dealing with the traffic in the parking structure.

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