Emily and Andrew finally completed their marriage after some 8 years together on Saturday, where they had to wake up at 4am to get ready for a 10am Catholic wedding, then take photos for the next 6 hours at the church and CALTECH until the wedding reception at 5pm. I on the other hand, spent the morning in bed thinking how tired Joy must be right then and there. I’ve been to one true Catholic wedding, and one is enough. I took my time getting ready, and went to ross to go buy a belt for $9.99.  I actually arrived a little early at the San Gabriel Hilton and basically got started drinking with the best man, even though it looked like he was just going to pass out right then and there. Eventually the rest of the guests arrived and we lined up some 16 jagër bombs for all the college friends enjoy.

Those shots was basically the beginning of the end for many of the guests, but not for me thankfully. I stayed strong and was able to stay up the entire time, and even had to help the groom up to his room so that he could pass out. I had a good time sitting at the boyfriend table, drinking, laughing, eating, and making off remarks about everything while the girlfriends, and my wife sat up in the front of the ceremony.

It was a well put together wedding, and thanks for the fun time, and hopefully they’ll have even more fun in Hawaii and Japan for their three week honeymoon.

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