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Happy times are back again, now that Joy is back on a normal monday-friday work schedule. Now that she’s back on it, we’re ready to make the most of our weekends together again. I just booked my trip to San Francisico to visit the sister, and do some wine tasting (more like wine drinking) in Napa, and enjoying some good eats in SF. Now that we’ve been there a half dozen times, i don’t know what to explore this time around. I still feel like i’m missing some great attraction in SF, but have no idea what it is. Any suggestions?

I decided to book the flights through Jet Blue even its slightly more expensive, but the Long Beach airport is closer, and if need be the parking is cheaper and faster to get to. The funny thing is typically the emergency rows have a bit more leg room, and normally are the first to go so i was surprised to see that they were still open. I picked my seats and this large alert box informed me about the blah blahs about sitting in that specific row, but i almost didn’t noticed that they also now charge you an extra $10 for the extra room. Four more inches for another $10? I don’t think so!

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  1. Why are those emergency seats available? Hmm…again…so eerie. Stop writing about stuff like this!

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