After spending Friday and Saturday in Orange County, Joy went back home to Santa Monica for another hike up Temescal Canyon. Too bad my fat ass has really gotten out of shape because i could only make it about two thirds of the way up before i had to give up and head back down. On the way to lunch we randomly took a street up through the neighborhood and found this outlook that had a view up the Malibu coast down to Santa Monica.

For lunch we met up with Ben and Tiffany at the French Market in Venice for some soup, sandwiches, and a glass of wine. While conversating Tiffany mentioned something about the cool haus ice cream sandwich yet, and when i checked my twitter they were in the neighborhood so we went out searching for the dessert truck. We unfortunately got there too early, and we already planned to head up to the Camarillo outlet for some shopping. I originally planned to buy some basketball shoes at the Nike outlet, but the logical side of me got the better of me, so i ended up buying some running shoes instead. Joy and I snacked on a really good cheesecake caramel apple from the rocky mtn chocolate factory before going to dinner at Brent’s in Westlake Village.


I now know what Jewish people must feel like on Christmas eve, as i think we were the only non jewish people eating there. We grubbed on some tasty Pastrami, Cornbeef sandwiches, pickles, and potato pancakes. I only ate half of my sandwich and a handful of fries and i was stuffed. I’m still not toally sure about all the other fish dishes, but those Jews do know how to make a mean beef sandwich, and i actually enjoed the pickles.  I seriously did not help the cause with my diet.

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