The weekends can get pretty random sometimes and well worth it too. Joy and I dragged my parents and aunt to the LA Zoo to hang out with Noah and the adult Wangs. The zoo was fun, but it made me depressed just seeing all the animals just sitting there in their cells, except for maybe the meerkats who probably have a good life right now not having to worry about eagles eatin’ the kids. Eventually the heat go to me, and noah so we decided to call it a day and head out.


We said goodbye to the Wangs as they went back to their beachy city, and I decided to take the family to check out Americana at Grand in Glendale. It was of course crazy hot there too, but just as luck would have it, the Cool Haus ice cream truck was there parked in front of the Glendale Galleria. For three bucks i got a mint chocochip icecream and gingerbread cookie ice cream sandwich, plus a chocolate meringue on top. Too bad the heat just melted everything and i had to eat it as fast as i could and really couldn’t enjoy it at my own pace. Still if i ever really craved an ice cream sandwich i’d rather just go to Diddy Riese in westwood village.

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