Twitter may be the bain to some people’s existance, but i’ve personally have been finding it very useful for finding out what some random friends are doing on some random weekends. I know my old college buddy Aziz and his wife have been doing some biking, and with Joy getting her new bike, i knew that they would be some good people to hit up for a ride.

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We got to their house by 8am so that we could get around the 10 mile loop before it got really hot. Tack on the additional distance from their house to the actual trail it got up to around 12 miles. It was was a nice trail with just a few uphill climbs, and a nice view of the bay the entire route. We ended the ride at Chester Drawers Inn, where we grubbed on some banana nut waffles, and chicken fried steaks and eggs. I love biscuits and gravy, and i cleaned up both of our plates.

I highly suggest both the bike ride, and the breakfast afterwards. Also that i think so of the bikers are pretty weak considering that i took on the whole course with my bmx.

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