By all accounts there were about 5 different events that i was invited to for the 4th of July festivities. I had to pick and choose where i went. I started off by heading to Ben’s parent’s house where he cooked up some food filipino style, i guess It was just a metal pan surrounded by some bricks and a grill on top. It was pretty difficult to deal with the food while squating, but Ben managed to cook up some pesto burgers with fresh mozzarella, and tomatoes. Ben and I hung out with his nephews lighting some smoke bombs, and ground bloom flowers, and i actually felt i had to be the responible one and not take out the drill to make some modification on the fireworks. I did my best and bit my tongue trying not to explain exactly how you make a ground bloom flower into a “skyrocket flower.”


Next up i headed out to Manhattan Beach for some more food and beers at the Wangs. Beer after beer, we hung out and talked and tried to create our own bonfire in the the backyard. Bryant created a nice little firepit in the dirt with a pile of bricks. We stacked up some wood, and got it burning but alas our efforts were a complete failure as the food seemed to be too moist to actually keep burning on its own. We spent a whole can of lighter fluid, and sulked our heads as he eventually had to put the water hose to the whole thing.

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