Erotica LA otherwise known as the porn convention occurred this weekend at the LA convention center. I admit that i’ve always wanted to go, but at $35 a day i can assure you that i never went. I was expecting to see the worse fetishes out there, but it was actually pretty tame than my actual imagination. Sure there were the big companies promoting their movies, and a few random home pole dancing stage retailers, and of course a slew of lingerie and toy sellers, but that was about it.

There were only a handful of actual porn stars (Tera Patrick) were there, but i did expect to see many more girls in thongs walking around but probably saw more skin at Hermosa Beach on Sunday. There sure were enough guys and gals carrying their huge DSLR cramming into crowds to get some pictures of the girls there. I’m glad that i never spent a dollar the years before, but i’m sure i’ll go again if i can get in for free again.

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