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I used to live by the rule of never eating Korean owned sushi places. Don’t get me wrong, i love korean food, but i always have issues when i eat at a korean sushi place. I thought i might have been a passing phase because of sushi gallery in Cerritos, but last night i went to eat at sushi samurai also in cerritos from the recomendation of eric and roland. I thought it was going to be good with the classical old japanese restaraunt, but i missed out on some signs blinded by my hunger.

Before i knew it we had ordered some hamachi, albacore, unagi, yellowtail collar, dynamite roll, but quickly into the meal i started to get that disturbing feeling in my throat. I have yet to figure out what the culprit is, but i have a feeling its the time of vinegar, or seasoning they use in their food and rice. I tried to power through with it, finishing off most of the meal, but by the time the roll came out i was done. We drove to Yogurt Land afterwards, and before i could get my dessert i went to the bathroom to get rid of some of the contents in my stomach. The rest of the night my stomach felt bloated, and uncomfortable enough to keep me up all night.

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  1. maybe they use peanut oil in it somewhere. that sucks. i had a similar experience at a chili’s. every time i go to a chili’s i get ill. last time it was a (i ordered medium) not quite killed yet burger. you think i might have noticed, but the outside was perfect. the center was raw! ewwww…the rest of the afternoon i spent in the water closet at work wondering why God hates me.

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