Saturday night i feel i basically invited myself to Tiffany’s birthday dinner with Ben. Its been a little more than a month since Joy and I ventured back North of the 105, and we got to do what we like doing most in LA, eating. Tiffany made reservations at a new restaurant in Venice called Ado, run by a house of italians, in a converted house on Main st. The food was good, the service was enjoyable, and the $75 bottle wine that we ordered was great (thank goodness). If not for the bottle service our meal would’ve barely gone over $100, and thats with ordering six dishes to the table. If i learned anything from last season’s Top Chef is that Italians love to talk, and love to talk even more about what region of Italy they come from. The servers were basically trying to convince us that this region was better than that region for wines, which was a bit amusing.  There something about getting served food from people of the region that just adds to the meal. When was the last time you really knew you were in for a treat from a blonde server passed you over your sushi order?

The deserts didn’t tempt us very much, so we finished our wine, and headed out east to get some ice cream sandwiches from MILK. Joy and I split the Toffee and Espresso Macaroon sandwich, but i probably should have had a cup of coffee to go along with it because i was just reaching the point of my bed time. Turning 30 is already happening.

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