Please excuse the crappy photoshopping of the day, but i think it illustrates what i’m talking about.

One sports talk radio host once said that the NBA off season is the second best season of the NBA behind the Playoffs, and in front of the regular season. This year has already started off with a bang with Shaq moving from the Suns to run with LaBron in Cleveland, Vince Carter being traded to the Magic to play with Dwight and Jameer, and the Clippers getting the Blake Griffen in this year’s NBA draft. There are plenty of moves yet to be made as free agency signings will begin next week, and the biggest uncrestricted free agents in my opinions are in no particular order:

  1. Lamar Odom
  2. Trevor Ariza
  3. Hedo Turkoglu
  4. Ron Artest
  5. Ben Gordon
  6. Mike Bibby
  7. Allen Iverson
  8. Andre Miller

Not a very exciting group compared to next year’s crop, but will be impact players where ever they end up.

Now with the Shaq trade, its an interesting path that each team ended up with after trading the big diesel. The Lakers were at first very scrutinized with the players they got in return for the Shaq, but eventually turned around a few of players to make out like a bandit. Sure the Heat won a title with Shaq, but eventually now they ended up with just Jermaine O’neal to show for it. Don’t you think the Heat would rather have the likes of wade, butler, and odom now rather then wade, beasely, and o’neal? While most likely the suns will have none of the players that they traded for from Cleveland as their owner will mostly buy out their contracts.

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