Its been years, possibly since i was a junior in high school since the last time i played volleyball. Joy’s cousins headed down from North Hollywood to Huntington Beach for some fun on the beach. Joy and I played two on two with Boy and Rommel in a three game series up to 21. Boy and Rommel took the first set, while Joy and I took the second. The third was a back and forth match from the get go, but at the end we failed, and we had to give up to the seniors. My arms took a severe beating as they haven’t had that much abuse in years and the next day my arms looked like i was shooting up crack the entire weekend as they were bruised with thousands of pop capillaries under the skin. The gallery watching wanted to play again, but we were all beat so we decided to go to dinner at Sushi on Fire on main st.

Boy used to work at the original restaurant in Valencia, and he always gets hooked up by the owner a rather large physically, and personality wise Thai woman. Food just started to arrive at our table just as we sat down. Plates and plates of sushi, beer and desserts kept coming, and the owner treated us very well. She seems to be very popular amongst the other patrons as she gave many hugs to different people, and comped dishes at other tables too. After our meal we ended up tipping the staff very well as we probably only got billed half of what actually ended up on our table. The owner concluded our dinner by saying goodbye to us, and bumming a smoke from a cart vendor outside her restaurant.

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