Sunday i headed out to the south bay to have lunch with Jonathan, and ended up having lunch with Jonathan, his parents, and Noah at Marmalade Cafe in El Segundo. Noah passed out after lunch so Jonathan’s parents stayed at home with him while we headed to Hermosa Pier for some beers in the sun. We sat at The Lighthouse for a few hours before Janelle, and Joy joined us after they got off their sunday shift at work. Joy kept a bag of beach stuff in her trunk so we headed to the sand to get a little sun in.

I forget how nice the sand is, and how if its not a holiday weekend its not a beach that gets a lot of traffic from people East of the 405. I can attest that this true because there isn’t much out here if you don’t drink or play volleyball, also it takes some time to get to from the freeway and that finding parking can be difficult even on a normal weekend. Joy wants to come back next weekend to hang out, and play some volleyball if anyone is interested.

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