Sunday was filled with a lot of positives. At lunch Jonathan brought Noah over to Cerritos to have lunch, and visit my parents, and while we were waiting for Nel, and Jam to get to Cerritos I took them to Heritage Park to check out the island. Noah got a bit intimidated by all the kids running around the park, but i could see in his eyes that he wanted to get out there and run around with them, but was just too scared.

For lunch we went to May’s Kitchen for some Chinese food where its three dishes for $15.50 amd $5.50 for every other dish after that. After a good portion of fried pork chops, hot and sour soup, green beans we went back to my house so that Noah could see my parents. It took him a little while to warm up to them, but Joy and I were headed off to Orange County by then.

Joy and I headed to Costa Mesa to watch the Lakers game at Joy’s friend’s apartment, where we drank sangria, sat at the edge of the couch and yelled at the TV for a good three hours. After a tiring win, we hit up the Jacuzzi to relax, and boy did it help out my stressed out back. For a night cap we went to Albertos for a California burrito, and an order of rolled tacos.

That was an awesome Sunday.

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