The Lakers did it. They took all the criticism, the pounding of a the 82 game season, 20+ playoff games, and countless practices to finish the season at the very top. My morning commutes with Eric normally consisted of the Lakers, and i’m proud to say that i did predict that the Lakers were going to win in 5, and lose game 3. I don’t think it was a stretch of a guess but i’m sure everyone is done talking about this years Lakers, so i’m going to make some predictions on next years lakers.

1.) Lakers will resign BOTH Ariza and Odom, on short (2 years) contracts

2.) Kobe will develop another move (baby sky hook) to go along with the fade away jumper in the post

3.) Shannon Brown will develop a more consistant 3 point shot a la Trevor Ariza

4.) Pau Gasol will average more points per game than Kobe Bryant

5.) Bynum will end up averaging 13.4 points, 8.9 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks a game

6.) Back 2 Back championships

Nothing like making some bold statements, and lets hope that the Lakers parade goes off without any disturbances and that Eric picks me up a championship t-shirt.

Get your shirt now!


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