The best performance last night was by megan fox’s bra.

Don’t get me wrong, i really enjoyed Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen, but i can see why it wont ever be considered a critically acclaimed movie.

Review and Spoilers after the break.

Transformers 2 was a classic Michael Bay movie, lots of explosions, a bit of out of place humor, a little bit of skin, undeveloped plot lines and basically being completely awesome if you’re into those kind of things. The movie has a plot line that i probably could never have thought of in a million years. They pull new classic characters into the movie but don’t give  much explanation or screen time for you to really appreciate them actually being in the movie much more than any other extra actor. The writer used similar story concepts from the original animated series, but either the writer or director felt it necessary to adapt them to a most unusual way. Its bad progression when the last movie had this one all powerful device, but in the next movie there is another all powerful device.

I have to say i did enjoy Shia Labeouf acting for once, but i just didn’t feel the storyline between his character and Megan Fox’s character really felt right. Whether it was Megan Fox being too hot, or the awkwardness of them acting together just felt funny. Megan Fox is hot, i admit it. Hotter than Jolie? Yes, but then again the last time i really thought she was hot was back in Hackers. Not that it was a bad thing but there were quite a few scenes of Megan having to run in slow motion through the desert. One powerful bra indeed.

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  1. you crack me up! i wanna see you guys soon. maybe late july when i return from vacation. much love, esme

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