Its been a really busy past three months at work, and this month we finished up a few intereting projects. The first was a project for warner brothers sweeps month, and the second which launched this week for Comcast Versus Indy Smash up As with all fridays before a three day break we knew we weren’t going to get many phone calls so we finished up some work at got the hell out of the office at 2pm. Jonathan, Eric, and I headed down to the southbay to do a little bmx’ing and to get a few beers. We ended up riding from Jonathan’s house down to Hermosa Pier where we parked ourselves at Hennessey, and enjoyed a few (a lot) of beers in the sun just enjoying the moment and feeling a great deal of accomplishment. Joy eventually joined us, and even got our waitress to take a jager bomb with us to finish off the afternoon.

The only problem with riding down to the beach is that the entire way back to the house is uphill. Riding while intoxicated can yield you a BUI in Santa Barbara, and if i know the cops in Hermosa they’ll probably give you one too. So we took our time riding through some of the smaller streets, and Eric did a little bmx puking too. We eventually made it back to the house where Noah greeted us Donald Duck style (no pants) and we kept noah entertained while Janelle cleaned out her closet for her garage sale today. This little outing was well worth the effort.

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