I don’t know how it happened but everyone seems to be using Twitter now. I’m actually pretty sick to my stomach about all the hubbub with everyone promoting their twitter feed from the morning television show, to Kevin Love on the Dan Patrick show this morning. I started mine just so that i could learn the application, and i’ve actually found it entertaining, and helpful at the same time. I try to keep my followings to a minimum beyond just my friends. Mostly they relate to the Los Angeles news, sports, and KROQ.

  1. Lamar Odom – http://twitter.com/RealLamarOdom
  2. KROQ – http://twitter.com/kroq
  3. Gene “Bean” Baxter – http://twitter.com/clydetombaugh
  4. Kevin Smith – http://twitter.com/ThatKevinSmith
  5. Petros and Money Show – http://twitter.com/PetrosAndMoney
  6. Jack in the Box – http://twitter.com/jackbox
  7. ESPN Sports News – http://twitter.com/espn
  8. LAist – http://twitter.com/LAist
  9. LA Times – http://twitter.com/LATimes
  10. Richard Blais – http://twitter.com/RichardBlais

Is Facebook dying already? Its already feels like a decade ago when myspace killed off friendster, and a year already when facebook killed myspace. Is it time to start looking around for the latest and greatest fad to come into and fall out of a month later? At least the twitter company are avoiding signing up advertiser to the site, but i’ll really be interested in how they’ll figure out how to make a buck eventually.

1 thought on “Tweet Peeps

  1. they’re trying to do a twitter tv show thing
    facebook just got a $20M infusion I think (still can’t figure out a way to make money)

    twitter… business advertising. that’s the only real benefit i see from it

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