The magic did what was unthinkable 2 months ago as they defeated LaBron James and the cleveland cavs in six games thoroughly pointing out that you need at least two stars to win a championship. It was a catch twenty two with who was a better matchup for the Lakers because on paper the Lakers seems to match up better against the cavs (and beating them twice this season) or getting home court advantage against the Magic (who got beat by them twice this year), and also already proving that they don’t need home court advantage to win this playoffs (vs. Celtics, Cavs).

Bynum, Pau, and probably even Mbenga are going to have a difficult time matching up against Dwight Howard, while odom, and ariza are going to be chasing around Rashard Lewis, and Hedo (Turish Jordan) to try to defend their 3 pt shots. This matchup scared me from the beginning of the playoffs, and i hope the Lakers keep up with defense, and keep going into the post. At least the Lakers have an extra day off to rest because they were looking winded already playing two six games series. Lets go LA!

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