Joy and I traveled to Vegas on Saturday to celebrate Benjoseph turning 30 (last month). We arrived saturday night after Joy worked in the afternoon. I put on my douch’iest outfit on and headed out for the night and promptly met ben, tiff, and his friend’s at Firefly off the strip for dinner. The place was packed, and with good reason too with the pitchers of mojitos and sangria on everyone’s table making everyone happy. After dinner we headed over to tryst for a little more drinking and dancing. Its almost identical to XS, and just as crowded, but with many more cougars, and fat chicks. We ended the night with a little Wheel of Fortune gambling, and McDonald’s for some grease.


The next day we woke up and all called our mothers for mother’s day while waiting for brunch at Bouchon. What a brunch it was too, with the best Chicken and Waffles ever, to go along with like 6 cups of coffee and a really good french toast. Back to the Chicken and Waffles, the chicken had an awesome crispy skin, and the chive waffles were served with vanilla bean butter, syrup, and this bacon gravy thing. Everyone just wanted to die, so good. After brunch Joy and I split up with the group to go to the outlets for a little shopping, and pool time back at the hotel.

For dinner we met up at RAO’s in Cesear’s Palace, where Joy and I split some fried cheese, and the filet mignon with risotto. Dinner was good but my alergies were acting so bad i had to leave the table to sneeze for ten minutes.

Ben planned on watching O on Sunday night, but i didn’t feel like spending over $100 per ticket, but Joy and I did score tickets for Zumanity for about $80 each after all the fees at which was still a little pricey but its the first show i’ve seen on the strip. It was a funny show at parts, and had some creative acts but i still got really sleepy 3/4 of the way through. It might have been because it was 11:30 by that point, or because i took some allergy medicine before the show, but i really did try my best to stay awake.

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