If anyone knew me as a kid, they knew that i LOVED my legos. I still have all of my pieces still under my bed at my parent’s house, but amazingly i never went to visit Legoland out in Carlsbad back when it opened in 1999. This past memorial day weekend Joy and i took a quick trip down to San Diego, and then went to the land of bricks on Monday. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but i was really interested to see what the park would legolize.

I was totally lost when we entered the park, because i had no idea what to do, or what to see. I handed Joy the map and we just started walking. We checked out some of their world creations like the New York Skyline, and the Obama inauguration. Next we checked out some of their rides from the Indiana Jones like ride, and their versions of the teacups. That is my biggest complaint about the park is that they have good ideas for their rides but bad execution. It seems like they’re trying to tell you a story, but they don’t really explain whats going on, and its just more of decoration.

The best part of the day was when we went into one store where you could buy bulk pieces of legos, and they were all sorted by color (just like how i sort my legos) and i got to relive in my head how i would be as a kid. Too bad i know how many different pieces there are, and i was kind of disappointed that i didn’t see some of the rarer pieces.

We spent about four hours total and went on most of the big rides. I know that if i was a kid i could spend all day there, but now as an adult i can’t go on rides over and over again, and that i can tell that the bricks are just fading so much on their recreations.

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