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for Earth Day, i declare the new environmental color to be brown, instead of green.

Its that time for my yearly Earth Day rant. This year i want to declare that i believe corporation should stop using the term “green” to state their environmentalist style of business. The color they should focus on is brown. Brown is the color of crap, and thats what companies are churning out of their mass production plants. I don’t blame anyone for doing so, everyone is just trying to make a buck, but thats the same thinking that eventually sunk the world economy.

Its amazing when everything that we buy is basically disposable, from our mobile phone, tvs, and even cars now. When did the world start thinking that something that costs $30,000 is something you just replace in three years. Most if not all, “environmental” companies don’t care about the forrest, or the ocean, the only thing that really matters is still the money you’re spending on their products. So remember don’t buy a prius, buy a used geo metro or better yet, just buy a hummer.

2 thoughts on “Yearly Earth Day Rant

  1. everyday should be earth day. we are asked to clean our environment once a year. it should be something we do everyday. we have to respect where we live. do we clean our homes once a year…ok, maybe that’s a bad example…do we wash our cars once a…hmmmm…yeah ok….humans are just dirty, lazy creatures.

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