Today it hurts to laugh, walk, and sit down. I put my body through some things that it hasn’t done for months. Saturday afternoon after a morning of cleaning i headed down to Manhattan Beach to hang out with Jon and Nel. Nelson works for Cleveland Golf now, so he has a loaner set from work which i wanted to try out, to see if i wanted to try out his 50% discount. We all had some beers then headed to El Segundo golf course and we took some huge swings with Nelson’s huge club. It made the loudest sound i’ve ever heard a club make before, so much it hurt my ears when i hit it. Swinging for the fences left my stomach, rib cage, and upper back sore the next day.

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Sunday morning Joy and I took another hike up Temescal Canyon for a good 5 mile trail. With my handy G1 i was able to keep track of our progress with its built in GPS unit, and Google Maps integration. It will also upload all the trail data onto Google docs too. So now i can really keep track of how long we’re out for, how long we stop, elevation, and graphs everything out so nicely.

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