So our time in Santa Monica is coming to a close. Joy and I have decided that to save for our future we are going to move back to Cerritos so that we can save up for a condo of our own. It’ll be a sad move, but necessary.

We’ve got about another three weeks left, and just a few of the things that we’ve done already or are planning to do while we’re still out here.

  1. Sunday run from the pier to the farmer’s market
  2. After dinner walk at 3rd st. promenade
  3. Hiking at Temescal Canyon
  4. Drive up the coast to Neptune’s Net
  5. Layout on the beach
  6. Walk to Air Conditioned for a drink
  7. Restaurants! (fritto misto, nook, etc … )

Things i’m looking forward to moving back to Cerritos

  1. Saving money
  2. Cheap asian food
  3. Closer to my Orange County friends
  4. Parking … free … everywhere

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