So after three years out in the Westside, i’m back in Cerritos. Moving out to LA was totally worth it, but i realized i have no friends in LA, and it’ll be nice to hang out with all my friends again after being away for so long. When i left all my neighbors just got married, and now that i’m back everyone is on to their second kid. People are already starting to make plans with me, and i haven’t even been back for 24 hours.

Sunday i rented a one way trip u-haul, packed up my stuff and hit the road 34 miles south east. The move out of Santa Monica was in retrospect a pretty simple move considering that the only major pieces of furniture i had to move was my bed, dresser, and a dining table. Everything else was either donated, given to friends, or just thrown away. Ben and Jonathan helped me out in Santa Monica, while Roland and my dad helped me back in Cerritos. Jonathan got mad at me for doing such a crappy job of boxing things up, but i just found it easier to put things in bags, because i hate trying to lug big heavy boxes down the stairway and find it easier just bringing down trash bags of shoes, and other crap. Hopefully i’ll be able to find a place to store all my excessive kitchen supplies, and reading books while I spend the next months trying to find a place nice enough/cheap enough to make me fork over $200k+.

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