The past week i’ve been without my car, as i left it at my parents to prepare for my trip to Hawaii (Street Sweeping).  Saturday Joy left me to my own devices as she went out to get some things done for the wedding and i stayed home and waited for my bachelor party part 2. I got really bored a few hours into it i decided to go grab lunch, and incidently took a tour of some Santa Monica “landmarks.” Landmarks to me at least, as i’ve always seen these places, but never actually went inside.


Stop 1: Cellualar Fantasy

This place is located on Wilshire and 26th St. and what i always thought was some bank is actually a cell phone store, and pretty sucky one at that. The place would seem like a best buy of cell phones, but actually seemed to have very little of demos. I think the place is more of a repair shop than a store.


Stop 2: Rip City Skates

I walked inside this place and was kindly greeted by some old dude (that didn’t look like a skater) behind the counter. The place is just falling over with stuff for sale. I walked towards the back and noticed that they were selling some $400 dunks, and long boards on the other side of the store. Too bad i don’t buy anything off the rack because the guy said it was one of the oldest skate shops in California.


Stop 3: Doc’s Ski Haus

Finally Doc’s Ski Haus on Santa Monica and Berkeley has a store sign that is pretty classic, and never knew if it was still in operations before it got a new paint job. This place must be the very last ski only equipment store in sourthern california. Seriously the place sells no snowboarding equipment, a good deal if you’re into that sort of thing.

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