I thought that the amount of weddings that i had to go to were dying down, but i forget that i do have some friends younger than me, not many but a few. My old pal Aziz celebrated his marriage to Jacky with his family and invited me out to Porter Ranch for the festival, Persian style. I got word from his brother to 1, show up two hours pass the posted time, and to dress up. He was right as dinner wasn’t served until 9:30pm, and everyone was dressed to the nines.

There was quite a scene with tons of food from kabobs, to fried fish on a stick. Drinks flowed, and there were dancing and music. I was already beat by the time we got there from a day out with Joy’s mom, so we couldn’t very late, but had a good time for the time we were there.

Congrats man, hope you have a great life with Jacky, and Chuck.

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