Stepping off the plane at the Kahului airport, i got a very strong feeling that i was going to like Maui. It might have been because we had just spent three straight days of running around Oahu,  in days of cloudy weather and  when we landed we were greeted with a bright sun, and humid air of Maui.

This honeymoon was the first time i got to do a few luxo things, and got to stay at such a nice tropical resort. The new wife and I arrived and were kindly greeted upon arrival at the Westin Maui, got upgraded to a bigger room that looked out towards Blackrock, and were given a free bottle of champagne. The first morning we ordered some room service breakfast, and ate out on the balcony. We charged our room with everything we ordered around the hotel, and at other Starwood locations. It was a nice life to only have to carry around a room key, and nothing else.

The life on Maui is much more peaceful with plenty of localized businesses, and is less industrialized as Oahu, but still maintains a level of modern comforts as Costco, McDonalds, and plenty of malls. The beaches are just awesome, and there’s actually quite a bit of scenery changes from one side of the island to the other. Joy and I basically started to plan on how to stay on the island once we got there. Anyone hotel in need of a valet?

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