Saturday morning Joy and I woke up bright and early to go to the flower district in Downtown LA to look for flowers for the Cerritos reception in two weeks. We weren’t really sure what we were walking into but found a just basically a big swap meet of Mexican and Korean flower vendors with buckets and buckets of colorful flowers. We did find a flower to use for our center pieces and realized how much more we’re paying for flowers at Trader Joe’s or the Farmers market.



After a morning of smelling the roses we headed a few blocks north to go have breakfast at the Nickel Diner on main and 5th. They’re known for their maple bacon donut, but i wasn’t feeling so adventurous and just went with spicy pulled pork hash. Joy got a stack of pancakes, and a couple coffees and were given two red velvet donut holes filled with cream cheese icing. Man those things were delicious, and made the rest of the mediocre meal worth it. The pork hash topped with two poached eggs tasted good, but the potatoes needed to be crispier to contrast with the tenderness of the pork. If you would’ve put it in between two pieces of toast it would’ve been a great dish.

The really sucky part of the meal was the parking situation blows though, as street parking is $3.00 and hour, and the cheapest parking we found was $4.00 that was 4 blocks away so we settled paying $5.00 across the street.

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  1. i LOVE the flower market. thanks for reminding me i need to drop by there more often and make my cubicle pretty. can’t wait for the wedding (squared)!

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