Before the NBA allstar break the Lakers traded Vladamir Radmonovic to the Charlotte Bobcats for Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown. Where Morrison is the name the west coast knows (think crying against UCLA) known for his outside shooting, i had a feeling that Shannon Brown would completely overshadow him in the end. I didn’t know anything about him, and all i heard was that he was a good defender, but thats all i needed to know.

Last night the Lakers took on the Atlanta Hawks, and blew them out by the midway point of the third quarter when Phil emptied the bench and let the rest of the starters take the rest of the night off. Morrison came in first and looked really awkward running the floor and finding his spots, and then Shannon Brown came in a few minutes later. After watching him run down a fast break, he fouled the guy but blocked and took the ball out of the air. I’m ready to see him and Ariza run the floor together and just cause havok against the opposing players.

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