Saturday Joy was suppose to meet my other cousins from San Jose at Manna for some all you can eat Korean BBQ, but Joy got her hair straightened and wasn’t allowed to wash her for three days. I had to to tell them we had to pass because i wasn’t going to be sleeping next to hair that smelled like galbi for the next few nights. I originally had planned to do some cooking anyways since Saturday was that one night where people pay up the butt for a meal. I cooked up some braised short ribs with some potatoes and spinach.

Sunday Joy finally got to meet my other cousins as we drove all 70 miles down to aliso viejo to have dinner. Billy and Pishya cooked up some tasty sliders, and Ishya fried up some kickin onion rings.

Tonight we had a Lawry’s coupon that was about to expire so we splurged to get some Prime Rib. Also as my sister said

Aw…I miss the Monday-after-Valentine’s Lawry’s Dinner!!! Double-points night?!

I’m full.

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