Due to certain time constraints and scheduling conflicts I HAD to have a pre-bachelor party for my old friends from the neighborhood. Roland and Brock setup a night of drink and driving, starting off at Hooters for some wings, and a few pitchers of beers. After everyone was nice and warmed up we headed to the K1 track in Irvine.

Well i’ll tell you that i was seriously drunk during the first race, and kept spinning out every other turn. I still some how to manage the second fastest lap time, but overall time was pretty bad. The second race i was feeling better but the slight breeze into the helmet kept drying out my contacts so at time i couldn’t even see, and fell back 3 positions for the final race. The final race setup Curtis with the Pole position with everyone gunning to take him out, but at the green flag brock and shane knocked each other out while Roland got sling shot through, and i followed what would end up to be a race over before it even started.

We finally ended up at Yard House at the Irvine Spectrum, but sadly a few people couldn’t make it out. Overall it was fun, but i’m looking forward to next weekend’s activities.

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