These are the only pictures we have from our weekend in Vegas for Nelson’s bachelor party. This was sunday morning at 7am after eating breakfast and Kimchi after leaving Spearmint Rhino at 6am. Overall it was a good trip, not as crazy as Bryant’s bachelor party but still a good one.

The first night we went to Prive at the Planet Hollywood where it was just packed with douches wearing aqua di gio. The only thing about the clubs, made me remember why i don’t go to clubs without a girl on my arm already, we always just end up standing around drinking, and staring at girls. I was just itching to get to a strip club where girls come to me, … all night long.

The second night we went to XS at Encore, and got bottle service so that a group of 12 guys could get in without waiting in line. XS was actually a really nice looking club, and there were a ton of people there. Jonathan needed to go for a run after 2am and so we took off from the club and headed out to Spearmint Rhino.

All i know, i know Joy had a great time at her bachelor party, and there are stories that they’re keeping secret about.

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