Joy turned 29 on Monday which was suppose to be her first day at her new job in Cerritos. I was prepared to take her out at night afterwards, but i got a phone call in the morning from Joy that HR screwed up her paperwork so she had the rest of the day off. Jonathan was kind enough to let me take off so that we could take advantage of the free admission to Disneyland + 2fer ticket.

With both parks scheduled to close early for this “dead” time of the year, we went to California Adventures so that we could go to Disneyland on a later date. Too get through the entire park it only took us a little over three hours, and thats with waiting for Dland to fix the Toy Story ride that broke down. It was worth the wait as it was this interactive 3D shooting gallery, similar to the Buzz Light year ride, but with a whole lot more sections.

We ended the day with a double scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone, and parade. For dinner we went to get Pho in Cerritos and finally headed back to Santa Monic.

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