This will hopefully the first of many new challenges pitting everyday restaurants vs. higher end restaurants. I’m going to see (post wedding) if i can eat the same type of food from two restaurants from opposite ends of the foodie scale. Just out of circumstance this idea came to me, sitting on my couch after flipping through some photos on my G1 and seeing the two steaks that were eaten for lunch this week. I admit i wasn’t the one who originally ordered the Norm’s steak, but i did sample some of it that wasn’t finished.

Luckily considering my post yesterday, I had a client meeting today, and they suggested CommeÇa, and i was happy to oblige.

GhettoLuxo Challange Round 1 – Steak








Eggs, Hashbrowns, and Pancakes






Herb Butter


Seriously this was a very tough decision when you factor in everything.

The steak was amazing at CommeÇa cooked to a perfect red medium rare that melted in your mouth while the Norms steak was chewy, and actually looked purple (CommeÇa +1).

Norms served up pancakes, eggs, and hashbrowns that would a meal on itself, while the fries were fried well, and cut nice and thin, lacked salt to finish them off, and the table side salt was too course too actually stick to the fries (Norms +1).

Jonathan had to ask the table next to us for some steak sauce to add any sort of flavor to the sirloin, while a pad of herb butter just layed their on top of the steak like the fatty it is. I kept pushing it aside while i ate, but i think i still finished it all off at the end. (CommeÇa +1).

There is nothing to compare with price, you could order two steaks at Norms just to see if they could make it right one out of two times. (Norms +1).

The final verdict, who am i kidding the freaking steak at CommeÇa was just amazing. period.

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