The hardest thing about trying to stay on budget with the wedding is basically going on the ramen diet, well without the ramen. Joy has been trying to makes meals on the weekend that will last the entire week for lunch and dinner so that we don’t go out to eat. Last week Joy made another pot of pork leg stew, and this week we’ve been eating ba mee, and Waldorf salad towards the end of the week.

We’ve been doing it for more than a month now, and we really miss eating out. Beyond the occasional burger we haven’t gone anywhere interesting to eat, and my yelp is suffering because of it. Its especially hard with DineLA going on right now, with the three course pre fixe meals at a range of prices. LAist has been going through the courses and some look really tempting. To go along with DineLA, there have been a half dozen restaurants that i’ve been meaning to go to, but mainly its not in the budget. Only a few more months until all the wedding stuff is done with and we can go back to being little fatties.

The List.

  1. Fraiche – Culver City
  2. Josie – Santa Monica
  3. Bistro 31 – Santa Monica
  4. Hatfields – Los Angeles
  5. Grace – Los Angeles
  6. Wood Spoon – Los Angeles
  7. Gjelina – Venice

1 thought on “Financial Diet

  1. We’re doing that too!! We had Dine About Town SF at the same time and it was tough. We’ve been eating frozen dinners. Gotta love the Healthy Choice Meatloaf!!

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