Last night i got to attend the exclusive yelp elite Mi Amor event at Casa Sanchez for some free drinks, tequila tastings, and hors d’oeuvres. I’m not normally one for these public gathering of strangers, but i did my best to at least talk to some people. Most of the interaction i have with strangers normally amount to potential clients and they’re the ones usually initializing the conversation because they have an idea that needs to be executed. Small talk is definitely not my game, but its something i’m working on. Usually if a conversation doesn’t involve a subject matter of work, sports, or food i’m at a complete lost. Thankfully i got to know two people there, and i left buzzed, and accomplished.

The main thing i keep thinking is to step away from the wall and actually do something fail or succeed. I can’t wait for the next event, i’m going to get up on stage and dance next time, no not really.

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  1. It was fun actually if I didn’t have such a weird day at work. I would’ve loved me some more margaritas! Thanks hunny!

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