The next four years will show the true colors of the country. A lot of expectations are placed upon a single man, for an entire country, race, and possibly the future of the entire world.

My predictions for events to happen during Perez Obama’s presidential term

  1. A flat Internet tax will be imposed
  2. California will impose a statewide recycling program that will rival Germany’s because of money and not the environment
  3. Three very bad economic years will lead to one (and more) very successful debt reducing year
  4. Two major American car companies will fold, and one Japanese car company will fail
  5. An upstart company will rival Apple to create a must have personal digital device.
  6. A state (other than California) will legalize gay marriage
  7. Simpsons, American Idol, and most all other reality shows will end

Like them hate them, what are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Post Bush world

  1. 1. why not, california’s almost always get taxed.
    2. i like gold!
    3. not spending billions on wars would probably get this done
    4. Mitsubishi for the win
    5. like the matrix or Johnny Mnemonic
    6. hawaii
    7. apprentice!!

  2. 1. Oh noes!
    2. Is this how we’ll fix the budget deficit?
    3. …because our taxes will go up.
    4. Yay German cars!
    5. Probably…since Steve Jobs is dying and all.
    6. …and then have it opposed by Mormons.
    7. Doh!

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