Joy got four free tickets to see the Clippers take on the Atlanta Hawks, but you couldn’t imagine how hard it was to get somebody to take the other two tickets. I know the Clippers aren’t the hottest ticket in town but hey, its still its free, and its probably more interesting than what you normally do on a Wednesday night. Finally i had to call up my old college buddy Aziz who lives all the way in Costa Mesa to come up to catch the game. Its been 3.5 years since we last met up and it was nice meeting his new wife.. Its good to know that another fellow ACS’er is doing well post China, (Computer Lab)  and has a happy future in front of him.

As for the Clippers, better luck next time. Hopefully they’ll find their identity sooner than later. Al Thorton will have a bright future in front of him, as long as he doesn’t suffer the Clippers curse, a la Elton Brand, Danny Ferry, and Darius Miles.

2 thoughts on “No love for the Clippers

  1. Poor Clippers! Imagine being called a JV team and you are a professional team! It’s almost depressing me talking about them! Was catching up with an old friend more exciting than the game? You’ve always been a pretty good clipper fan. I jumped off the bandwagon along time ago sad to say.

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