The weekend vacation was a lot less about activities and a whole lot more of just being a fatty. We spent most of our time either watching movies (Simpsons Movie, Iron Man, Ratatouille), playing video games (Guitar Hero, Wurdle) or EATING (chili dogs, steak and eggs, sausage and artichoke pasta). The Pièce de résistance was my ultimate smore made of a warm cookie bottom, gooey roasted marshmellow, and topped off with a warm fudgy brownie, i was going into a sugar shock at the first bite, and it was oh so good.

I also got to experience a “Belgian Waffle” which is basically like a monte cristo, but served between to waffles instead. I thought it tasted good, but Joy said that she couldn’t taste the waffle when all said and done.

Seriously, after the weekend is over, the real diet starts. HHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. ahem. At least i did get some excercise in shoveling snow away from the driveway, and porch, and taking a good long hike near the cabin.

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