Tonight i got called in to appear for jury duty. This will be my third appearance to serve my civic duty, but at least it will be nothing like the first time. I had to appear for jury service back in 1999 in Compton when it was still a two week service. I spent a week sitting, and doing nothing in the jury pool. During that service I got called once to the jury box, but i think i looked like i was 14 so i got dismissed. I happened to get a my job at CSULB and I was able to weasel out of the last week of service.

The second time i was called in for duty was in 2002, but thankfully the service changed to the single day call in. Unforunately for me it was pretty close to my post college vacation to Thailand. It was a small jury pool, and i waited my turn. About half the room emptied as it was called in for court cases, which left around 40-50 people left. The admin got on the loud speaker saying that the next case was an expect 2 week court case with a sequestered pool. I basically started freaking out internally, then said it was a joke, and i almost passed out.

We’ll see what happens this year.

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