Its about time! Last month i got an e-mail about being nominated to become a yelp eliter for 2009. I’ve done my best at giving reviews about all the places i think you should go to, or you should avoid, and i appreciate what other people have to say about restaurants that i haven’t been to yet. The site really comes in handy when i’m travelling and i haven’t got a clue of where to go. For the most part the reviews are right on target, but you still have to take a chance at a place that looks interesting.

2 thoughts on “Elistist

  1. So that’s what all those reviews on food were for! I always wondered why! There were times you made me think about going to some of those restauarants you visited. Hey how’s blogging with your G1? Are you using a 3rd party app?

  2. I always wondered why you wrote so much about food! Thats awesome man! I even started checking out the restaurants you mentioned in previous entries!

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