This week i started a new thing where Joy and I would go for a walk anywhere after dinner. The first night we ended up at the Ross in Culver City, and then took a drive down a little south to look at some condos for sale. After that we drove under the freeway to the Howard Hughes Center where we were passing by this Thai restaurant where they were playing this really bad muzak and i basically got this nauseous feeling in my stomach seeing those poor bastards working in a basically empty eatery and this horrible music they must have to endure all day long. It got me sick because i flashed back to when i working in a Chinese restaurant in Irvine right after college. Those boring nights where no one came in, and i was just watching the clock so that i could go home. The horror.

Yesterday Jonathan asked me to stop by International Rectifier to try to find some old tradeshow artwork on their servers so that we could to bid for a project. So i drove down to El Segundo pulled into the ol’ parking structure took the elevator up and walked back to the area where my old cube was. The place hasn’t changed a bit (except for the massive layoffs) since 3 years ago next month. The same people were smoking outside, the same smells, and my old computer. I logged on to find what i needed, and for the fun of it started scanning the harddrive and actually found photos that i had accidentally left on there of  mine. My trip to New York, my trip to Whistler, and some random office photos. Good thing i could tell that no one, i mean absolutely no one has used that computer.

As for today, work has slowed down of course, but we’re hopefully looking forward an extremely busy February. I’m hoping that the wedding and honeymoon will be at the end of a very busy work schedule.

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