Best Movie: The Dark Knight

This year i did see my fair share of movies, more than the past few years combined. There were a few movies that stood out in my mind, but in the end i would have to say would still have to be The Dark Knight. The movie actually lived up to the hype, and the plot was intense enought to keep you guess on what was going to happen next. Still there were so many good movies this year i had to make a list. So more after the break.

Best TV Show: NBA Playoffs

The most riveting NBA season in a long while, but alas it did not end in a happy ending. The Lakers seemed to finally put their act together and won the west, and took that momentum to the finals, but were correctly beaten by a better team. At least it led to a very exciting 2008-2009 season.

Best Storyline: President Elect Obama

I’ll remember where i was, because basically it was a shock to me. Not in the fact that he was able to beat John McCain, but how he did it. I was watching the election calls throughout the evening, and technically he was winning by a large margin, and i was flipping through channels just to try to see the most updated results, and at 7:59pm and need still 80 points, Tom Brokaw made it very clear that even if it was obvious he was not going to make the call. At 8:00pm he made the call that Barrack Obama had won the Presidential election. Funny is all.

Best Album: Estelle – Shine

American Boy hooked me, and the rest of the album kept me interested. The music is soulful, and catchy.

Best Party: Andrea’s 5th Annual X-mas Party

So much fun, so much alcohol, so many presents. Stir of echos is still alive, and is getting bigger and better every year.

Top 10 Movies of 2008

10. Quantum of Solace

9. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

9. Tropic Thunder

7. Valkyrie

6. Wanted

5. Wall-E

4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

3. Kung Fu Panda

2. Iron Man

1. The Dark Knight

This list doesn’t count the movies that i haven’t seen yet (Bolt, Zack and Mirri, Marley and Me)

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