Black friday may be a week by, but the whole world seems to be calling it quits and closing their doors. Joy had some business out in Burbank this afternoon and i of course tagged along to give her company. While we were out there in TV land we stopped by a mass of store closings. First stop was Linens N things which i thought all closed already, but i guess there were a few still left standing. This time around i picked up some cooling racks for baking, and some more towels.

In addition to Linens N things closing a shoe pavillion was basically closed right next door, and across the freeway a Steve and Barry’s and Mervyns were closing out the last of their inventory. Thats why they state that they don’t take those store’s credit cards, or gift cards. There must be something inherently wrong with the discount store business model in today’s economy to see so many go under at the same time, unless its just an excuse to close down anyways.

An interesting note was that a TV special  i saw a few weeks ago showcased that actually a third party liquidaters actually take over all the store’s inventory and actually will bring in their own inventory to sell in the stores as well. So be careful about what you find in these stores, they may not be exactly what they seem.

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  1. Beware of liquidation sale prices too. I saw an undercover news story where they went into Linen n Things. They peeled off the liquidation sale price tag off and the sticker underneath was a cheaper price! Liquidators actually raise some prices but customers go to these sales and think they are getting a deal. Pretty sneaky…

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