Merry Xmas +1 everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying Black Friday part 2.

It was a very different Christmas than i’ve had before. The morning started by meeting in Cerritos with the parents, joy’s parents and my sister for Traditional Christmas dim sum at Happy House. They put us in the corner of a restaurant, where they kept supplies, but it was ok, Jesse got the worse of it.

Afterwards we gave out the gifts that Joy bought for everyone, lots of sweaters and purses. Then we said bye to Nina and headed out to the desert for some traditional Christmas gambling at Casino Morongo. Joy and I spent most of the time watching the Lakers beat the Celtics to break their streak, but still managed to lose $80 on the slots. We were planning to have a traditional dinner buffet at the casino, but the food selection didn’t look that great so we headed to Orange County instead for some traditional Christmas Lobster. Probably a much better decision in the end.

Hope everyone got what they wanted, and is somewhere warm and cozy. Watch out for my year end review in the next few days!

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