Free stuff is always nice, but winning stuff is even better! At the vinyl toy convention in Pasadena there was a $5 admission fee, but you were entered into a raffle, and once I walked in they called my number! I won a poster, and I wasn’t the only winner for the day either as Joy also won a vinyl toy. I originally did’t think I was going leave with anything, but my arms were full by the time I left.

I always thought vinyl toys were interesting but merely dust collectors. I never knew what the obsession was about these vinyl toys until I read somewhere that its considered basically 3D paintings. These things come as a blank canvas and different artists make them their own.

Before I was merely a spectator in the this game, but yesterday I became a player. I actually purchased my first vinyl toy, a little buff monster to call my own. I don’t think I’ll be going all crazy but the small cheap stuff I don’t mind collecting. The guy who even makes the labbit was there but he seemed like a jerk so I didn’t want anything to do with him. Overall I enjoyed the experience.

1 thought on “I’m a winner!

  1. Aw shucks. I was just looking at the labbits last month and wanted the ice cream one. Boo…I will just have to find a different toy to obsess over.

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