Post Christmas shopping was a mad house and I didn’t want to deal with it. Joy tried to take her mom out to the Arcadia mall in the afternoon, but she couldn’t even find a parking spot. We did manage to do a little shopping by bundling up, and heading out to 3rd street via our bikes. With Janelle out in Hong Kong, Jonathan tagged along with us for the fun of it. After we got back and decided to have a sleep over at Jonathan’s so we bought a pizza, and a bottle of Jack at Costco. We played some Xbox 360 Lego Indiana Jones, watched Deathrace, got drunk and had a pretty fun night for a pretty uneventful weekend.

The next day Joy and I hopped on our bikes again and did some wedding shopping at Michael’s and met up with Bryant and Jonathan at Venice Beach for some beers. It was really cold so we decided to move the party to Abbot Kinney for a few a more drinks, and food. Luckily something that i’ve been following for a month or so on my twitter happened to be back at the Brig. Kogibbq is this Korean themed taco truck that announces where’s it is going to be that night in the LA area. That night i got to sample their spicy pork taco, and galbi taco, which both were quite delicious and an interesting concept. I’m sure the exclusivity and their unique concept adds to the mystique.

The final day of the weekend i did a few loads of laundry, and went to 9star for some more shopping. All the snow gear was 30% off so we picked up a helmet for Joy, some gloves for me, and a new rolly snowboard bag (All possibly for a new years eve in Arrowhead). We had left our bikes on Abbot Kinney because it got too late to bike home, so Jonathan once again met up with us to take a ride down to Marina Del Rey. In the evening we went down to Culver City initially for some drinks at Rush Street, but ended up watching Valkyrie, and getting drinks afterwards at Genyari.

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